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In most cases, we will ask you to provide photos of three items: your ID, your vehicle’s title, and the current odometer reading. We will customize our document requests based on your unique situation and the specific details of your car. Rest assured, we will not ask for any unnecessary documents. If you have a loan, lease, or multiple title owners, we will request additional documents that are unique to your situation.

The Buy Center will pay you for your car during your pickup or drop-off appointment. We will either give you a printed check or initiate payment through an ACH direct deposit into your checking or savings account. ACH transfers usually take between 2-5 business days. The appointment is quick and simple. We will just confirm the basic details about your vehicle and complete the final sale documents, ensuring that you get paid as quickly as possible.

At The Buy Center, we have a variety of options for pickup and drop-off depending on your location. You can choose between home appointments or vehicle dropoff at one of our convenient The Buy Center hubs

We are here to assist you in selling your leased car. However, whether we can buy it or not depends on the policies of your leasing company. Some leasing companies allow us to pay off leases early, which is sometimes referred to as a “lease buyout.” However, there are others that do not permit us to pay off a customer’s lease. When answering the appraisal questions, please include your lease information, and in most cases, we will be able to provide you with the next steps along with your offer.